BEWARE! CNC Motors of Upland

Whenever you are shopping for a new car or looking to sell a vehicle you already own, it is important to find a dealership that will meet all of your specific needs. After all, these are major financial decisions that can have lasting effects on your life. Unfortunately for many reviewers on Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau website who trusted CNC Motors in Upland, California, they were disappointed in their choice in dealerships. 

It appears that some of the most common issues reported by reviewers of CNC Motors include not being notified when vehicles are sold, not receiving important documents in a timely manner, and receiving checks that are unable to be cashed. These issues can be expected to happen from time to time, but the volume of complaints against CNC Motors suggests that, at the very least, the dealership has not done a sufficient job addressing these ongoing clerical issues. 

These issues have gone unresolved long enough for some reviewers to reportedly pursue legal council just to get the money they believe they are owed. It is doubtful that these reviewers ever expected to have to resort to the often-costly and time-consuming legal process just to get paid for their vehicles when they chose to do business with CNC Motors in Upland, California.

According to the above Yelp reviewer Michael, he was never notified when his vehicle was sold by CNC Motors. Whenever he did discover that his vehicle that he cosigned had been sold, he was reportedly told that he would be paid within 20 business days. According to Michael, that payment never came. The review goes on to explain a series of events that never resulted in Michael actually getting paid for the sale of his vehicle. According to Michael, he contacted his lawyer as well as the Upland Police Department in an attempt to get the issue resolved. 

Another Yelp reviewer, Amy, reported a less detailed, but similar experience with CNC Motors. She reported not receiving payment for at least 30 days for a loan payoff from a trade-in at the dealership. Amy also mentions receiving “the runaround” from the employees and maybe even the CNC Motors owner. This is a repeated complaint that reviewers have mentioned. It would appear that CNC Motors tries to pacify some customers by telling them that whatever they may need is coming, but without any actual follow through on those promises. 

This Better Business Bureau reviewer mentions not receiving the title to a Jeep they purchased for over 3 months. They also claim that CNC Motors gave them a series of excuses instead of the important document the reviewer should be owed after purchasing a vehicle. 

These types of business practices are unfair to customers. CNC Motors in Upland, California has several positive reviews, but many of the negative ones share a common thread of reported excuses, late payments, and overall unprofessional behavior. When it comes to making a serious financial decision like buying or selling a car. Please do some research for yourself before making your decision as to who to trust with your money or property.

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